22 January 2015


Publisher/Developer:  Sega
Format: Cartridge
Game Size: 128K
Rarity:  3
Game Type: First Person Light Gun Moving Target
Region: USA
Other Ways to Play: Good question...
Power Base Convertor Playable?: Yes if you have the Phaser.

Price I Paid: 9.90
Price I Would Pay: 5 Dollars
Condition: Game, Case, Manual
Game Rating: OK
My History:  Bought for this collection project.

 Well here we go, finishing out this month with another not terrible but not really content laden light gun title.  In Shooting Gallery you have 4 primary shooting screen types with varying targets and waves that require you to shoot X number of said targets to move on.  Like Safari Hunt, REPEAT UNTIL BORED.  Except at least in this game's case you have a lot of different styles of targets and patterns they move in, and missed shots leave a lovely hole in the scenery, like you are shooting some big tarp with moving objects in front of it.

  Accurate hits allow you to fire your next shot faster and missed ones require a second or two before you can shoot again.  With four stages (ducks, balloons/blimps, balls through pipes, and spaceships) you have to play each differently.  Apparently there are also secret targets you can reach but I am not honestly interested enough to try to find them.  (See one of my captions below.  Maybe with a 25" screen I can be more accurate and move further on than trying to play on a wee 13" monitor.  I would hate to try to play PS1 Guncon games on this thing!)

Game Contents

Next four pictures are from the Master System through a Commodore 1084 composite monitor.  Except my Pause button isn't working well so shots are in motion.

 Like Duck Hunt without the annoying dog.  Kind of.

 Shooting Luft Balloons.  (Listen while playing:  http://youtu.be/P-NYwWqpG70 )

Shoot the ships when they don't have their shields up.

Next three shots are from a Genesis with Power Base Convertor going through the same CRT as above.

 No improved Genesis output clarity does not make Detective Title Screen Guy look any less stupid.

 Red Balloons and rocket powered yellow blimps.  Huh.

My absolute least favorite of the four stage types.  The ball pipe level.  The damn level with two different layouts (of pipes) is my least favorite.

Next three shots are from the Kega Fusion emulator.




 A shame trying to play this game with a mouse sucks so bad.  The sprites do look so much nicer in full quality.  A reason to get a big PVM CRT?  Maybe?  Or at least drag a 25" console S Video TV set up a flight of stairs and find space for/hope the thing still works at least.  Get my Zillion Phaser on eh?

Need to be accurate and get a lot of dakka to proceed and make the big scores!

Master System Play:  Outside of the usual SMS color bleed it is just as fine as on the Genesis.

Rating:  Sigh.  Just like Safari Hunt its just.. OK.  It doesn't have much to it, but it doesn't really do anything WRONG either.  Accuracy seems good enough given the screen I am playing on, the music and graphics are decent enough.  It just isn't a ton of game.  In fact I have seen versions of this game packed with other SMS light gun games on one cartridge because it is just such a sparse thing.  You could probably combine most of Sega's SMS gun games onto one cartridge and get a Good.  The problem is there just isn't enough per cartridge in these releases.  It is another title mostly for completists or to get as part of a lot.

Next Time:  I will continue to be a slacker covering games I don't have to spend a lot of time playing.  Except given the arcade versions being put on the 3DS with nifty 3d effects it seems like a good a time as any to have a SCALER CONVERSION MONTH.  Join me in February for After Burner and Thunder Blade!

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