20 October 2014

Mid October Collection Update Plus Bonus GAMES I WANT MOST/LEAST

Yes I have gotten in a ton of new games because last week was a virtual no bill week and I had a decent paycheck.  (As is my wont I tend to pay extra on bills with installment plans to save a few charges in the long run, and I just don't like having bills on my mind so I pay em ASAP.)

( I think Cyborg Hunter is also on the way to my house but I got so many games from Ebay and Enduro Racer at the mall I kind of forget.  This means I have too many games and should slow down for a while!)

I haven't had time to properly inspect them or qtip clean the contacts yet but this is a lot of SMS heat for less than 10 bucks shipped a cart complete.  (I think Columns might have been a whopping 11.50 OH GOD MY WALLET.)

This should bring me to 41 SMS games, 38 US titles/releases.

I need about 20 more games to have hit the halfway point.  Then I am hitting the DEEP CUTS really.  Or pointlessly infamous shit like the GREAT SPORTS series.

Might as well have a quick TOP 10 that I want first in no real order:

1: Psycho Fox: Apparently its kind of Decap Attack 0 but with a Japanese spirit animal shtick.  I don't much like DA and avoided this in the day due to a bad review in VG&CE but it seems to be highly regarded nowadays.

2: Alex Kidd in Miracle World:  I loved the Genesis game so why not play the original?

3: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World: Its SD SHINOBI basically.  SMS Shinobi is extremely my jam even if Mandala is abusively unfair in that port.

4: Donald Duck in the Lucky Dime Caper: Donald Duck is best classic Disney character next to Unca Scrooge.  Castle of Illusion on the SMS is one of the best mascot platformers PERIOD.  Course I want it!

5: Transbot: I wanted this one as a kid.  OMG YOU PLAY A TRANSFORMING ROBOT.  

6: RC Grand Prix: Maybe it is the SMS answer to RC Pro Am without Rare's usual UK styled LETS MAKE IT TOO HARD TO BE FUN nonsense in the later stages?

7: Wonder Boy 3: Well its an amazing game and the Turbografx version price is full absurdity as is that entire damn system at this point outside of JRPGs nobody can read anyhow.

8: Aerial Assault: Side scrolling SHMUP.  I likes me a good SHMUP.

9: Bomber Raid: Top down SHMUP with a NOT SR 71 on the cover.  In spite of the actual game having a prop plane.  If G LOC can have an F16 on the cover while the in game plane is a NOT F14 I guess Bomber Raid can do it too, right?

10: Astro Warrior: A plain and simple top down SHMUP when you want to get your Xevious type game on.

And for laughs the 10 Games I Dread Wasting Money On also in no real order:

1: Great Baseball:  Great series is infamous for sucking.  (Repeat for next pile of games.)  I generally hate Baseball outside of Baseball Stars and Super Baseball 2020.

2: Great Basketball: Great series.  I hate Basketball even more than Baseball.  Except for NBA Jam.  

3: Great Football: Great series.  Plus I already have Madden 91, 02, NFL 2K5, NFL Blitz 2000.  I pretty much have all the Handegg any one needs.

4: Great Golf: Great series.  I loves me some video golf but this Great series supposedly is nothing but arse on a cart.  And with Links 2002 on the PC I have the best video golf.

5: Great Ice Hockey: Great series.  Plus I just got NHL 95 on the Genesis for 2 bucks and can get 97 for the same price.  All one needs.

6: Great Soccer: Great series.  I have a 2002 FIFA game on the Gamecube, the Wii Mario Strikers, and for retro soccer Sensible World of Soccer in this PC fan mod port so you can have online leagues n stuff.

7: Great Volleyball: Great series.  Plus I have Beach Spikers on the Gamecube which is best Volleyball video game ever.  Plus you can have Phantasy Star 2's Nei and Space Channel 5's Ulala in bikinis playing vball and being vaguely lesbian but not fanservicey levels of such.  And no boobie physics like DOA Volleyball.  Which makes me glad it never got a sequel given how Full Creeper Japan's nerd stuff output seems to be going. :(

8: Sports Pad Football: Hey its another sucky sports game!  And one that requires a controller that apparently sucks!  Maybe the controller will be better through a USB dongle and I can have a nice trackball for MAME and stuff?  (No probably.)

9: Golden Axe: Turning a common but totally awesome game on the Genesis port into an inferior SMS version is not good mojo.  Sure its a technical achievement but my wallet disagrees.  Also you can only play as Axe Battler and thus no Tyris Flare and her derriere. Or a drunk dwarf.  SHAMEFUL.

10: Alex Kidd in High Tech World: Hey let's take a bad Japanese riff on Sierra Adventure games and turn it to Alex Kidd instead of a Princess!  All the cheap deaths of a Sierra game except through a Japanese lens!  WEEE I AM SO EXCITED TO SPEND MONEY ON THIS ONE!  (At least most of the Great series are sub 5 dollar titles.  Most Alex Kidd games are 20 bucks plus.  Missing out on a big ass latte and giving a tip is one thing for the collection.  Dropping a Jackson plus aint so hot.)

So now I should have almost enough games to review for 2 years before I need to worry about running out of games to cover.  Hopefully I can have the collection complete well before the review queue runs out but you know how it is.  Enthusiasm, cash, real life, time concerns.. these things do matter.

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